Blue Sky, the collection that wears topaz!

Rare and alluring, pale yet lustrous blue in colour, Blue Sky Topaz enters the range of precious stones dressed in rose gold and magic by Maria Claudia Gioielli.

Topaz is a fairly rare precious stone, and among the most ancient of them all. This gem is found in various colour shades, from the palest to the deepest, and differs from other stones which are often confused with it because it has a higher specific gravity.

In its pure, transparent colourless state it is even rarer, and difficult to find. It is more commonly found with traces of minerals such as chromium, manganese and iron, which give it different colours.

The most famous is Imperial Topaz, yellow-gold in colour; there are also varieties in pink, blue, grey, brown etc, each with more or less intense shades.

The stone is sometimes treated to bring out the different shades, partly because topaz loses its colour when exposed to sunlight: hence it is exposed to artificial irradiation.

The topaz used in our jewellery comes from Brazil.




In deciding how to use this stone, Maria Claudia imagined Blue Sky Topaz as reflecting from its facets, where light and colour meet to radiate outwards.

Blue is the colour of calm, placidity, tranquility; the symbol of the soul’s limpidity and delicacy.

Who could disagree with this? Once again in this stone, this precious substance, transparency draws the eye and instils peace.

And so the brand’s emblematic shapes meet Topaz: pendant, clasp earrings and ring all in 12 mm format for a brand new parure, yet another of the innovations in style and colour we have come to expect from Maria Claudia.

Discover the new Blue Sky collection on our website (click here) or in our stores. You can find your nearest store here > Stores

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