Bold and exuberant: autumn colours itself in Quarzo Rosso.

A new season is just around the corner and with it comes Maria Claudia Gioielli’s new autumn collection.

Always able to predict trends and in search of the missing colour, the designer has added a bold and extrovert red to her palette and presents the collection in which it features: Quarzo Rosso.

Over time, Maria Claudia Gioielli jewellery has embraced endless different colours: the cabochon and griffe rings, chestnut-shape drop earrings, hook earrings and pendants, all featuring pink gold, enhance the gemstones discovered during the research and experimentation process, exalting the different nuances.

Since the very beginning, Rock Crystal has featured in every creation; it interprets and enhances the colour of each gemstone or semi-precious stone with which it is combined: with green agate it achieves emerald (see the High Line Emerald Green Collection), with sodalite it brings endless light and deep blues (see the Blue Soul Collection), it creates turquoise combined with amazonite (see the Turquoise Collection), and sunset pink with rhodonite (see the Sunset Collection).

And now, after constant research and working with skilled gemstone experts, here comes the missing colour: red!

It’s the protagonist of the new Quarzo Rosso Collection signed by Maria Claudia Gioielli: Rock Crystal, skilfully faceted, shows all the shapes, crystal veins and imperfect nuances that characterise red quartz, the stone with which it is paired in this collection.

A classic colour for jewellery, think of rubies, which in these creations becomes unique, bold, exuberant.

Pantone includes it in its 2018-19 palette; the great fashion brands have presented it on their catwalks in various shapes and forms, from daytime dresses to bon-ton coats; media have called it the accessory colour to brighten the coming autumn season.

The classic shapes that define Maria Claudia Gioielli renew themselves once again: the warm pink gold is the perfect frame for red quartz. On dark winter outfits it exalts the personality of the women who wear them; on grey tailleurs or camel coats it turns into an innovative accessory that will no doubt make a lasting impression.

Discover the new Quarzo Rosso collection on our website (click here) or in our stores. Here you will find the one nearest to you > Sales Outlet

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