Lemmon Quartz: yellow joins the collections of Maria Claudia Gioielli

The main colour of the upcoming spring-summer 2019 fashion is yellow, in all its variants!

Top fashion magazines are talking about it, the most important designers are using it, and Maria Claudia Gioielli is launching it as the 2019 Spring Summer addition to its collections.

quarzo lemmon maria claudia gioielli


It’s called Lemmon and it’s the newest colour to join the range of Maria Claudia Gioielli jewellery.

Lemmon Quartz is a colour whose luminosity, faceting and exquisite brilliance shine out.

Lemmon Quartz is a variety of quartz which owes its colour to impurities of trivalent iron (approximately 40 parts per million) in the crystal structure; natural citrine quartz – of which Lemmon is a type – is relatively rare, but it is plentiful on the market because it is the result of a process in which the stone is heat-treated to obtain the orange-yellow colouration.

Its colours and transparency are particularly beautiful, and the stone has been used for ornamentation for over three thousand years.

Neon, Fluo, Lime, Saffron, Sunshine: this spring, any shade of yellow can be considered IN!

It’s a colour that looks good on brunettes, blondes and redheads, and combines with all kinds of styles and colours to create a contemporary look.

A season of yellow – or rather an explosion of yellows – in which these jewels will rule supreme.

Charms quarzo lemmon e madreperla maria claudia gioielli

What’s more, it’s the colour of warmth and light, so it brings peace and light-heartedness.

It’s the colour that foreshadows the new season – which begins in March – it’s no accident that this is the month of Women!

The designer plays with yellow and enhances two different shades: pure and transparent in Lemmon Quartz; warmer and clearer in the version backed with Mother-of-Pearl.

These combinations give rise to a range of items, all interpreted in the distinctive house style.

Ring with 12 mm Lemmon Quartz cabochon

Leverback earrings with 12 mm Lemmon Quartz cabochon

Stud earring with double 12 mm cabochon in Lemmon Quartz or Lemmon Quartz plus Mother-of-Pearl

Charms pendant with 12 mm Lemmon Quartz or Lemmon Quartz plus Mother-of-Pearl

– 12 mm single pendant in Lemmon Quartz

A small number of simple, essential jewel forms turn into unique items, made particularly desirable by their colour.

Maria Claudia Gioielli jewellery stands out for its simplicity and uniqueness, which makes every woman special.

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