Rainbow brings colour to its wearer!

She comes in colors ev’rywhere
She combs her hair
She’s like a rainbow
Coming, colors in the air
Oh, everywhere
She comes in colors!

It’s a song that paints the air with the explosion of colours in the sunset sky, the budding of peach blossom and the yellow sun that lights up the coming springtime.

Unexpected and exquisite as a rainbow after the storm, spring brings colour to our days and our souls.

Rainbow is the name of the Maria Claudia Gioielli collection that brings together colourful quartzite and traditional yet innovative jewellery.

Rainbow because it’s unexpected, rainbow because it’s colourful, rainbow because it brightens everything.

When Maria Claudia found new colourful types of quartzite, she just had to experiment with them, creating new additions for her range of jewels.

Delicate opaque pink, lavender, bright sky blue and dusty blue, luminescent lime and sunshine yellow. These are the colours of the new Rainbow collection, which also includes Lemmon Quartz, the pioneer stone for the new season.

New colours for differently-shaped jewellery, from traditional Maria Claudia Gioielli pieces to brand new long necklaces. Rainbow is available in:

– SINGLE LEVERBACK EARRING yellow, blue, pink

– DOUBLE LEVERBACK EARRING yellow, blue, pink/purple
Orecchino a monachella collezione Rainbow


– PENDANT yellow, blue, pink

– THREE-CABOCHON NECKLACE yellow, blue, pink

– FIVE-CABOCHON NECKLACE yellow, blue, pink

– CHARMS yellow, blue, pink

The collection continues to evolve: just like our constant search for new materials and experimentation in artisan processes, the Rainbow collection promises to become like a rainbow that appears anew after every storm.

Rainbow to brighten hair, rainbow to bring colour to anyone who wears the collection, rainbow to represent the uniqueness of the Maria Claudia Gioielli brand.

Available soon at all our sales points (find it at

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