All the colours of the various Maria Claudia Gioielli collections become Charms: to shine, to brighten, to express yourself, to complete and outfit or to make yourself beautiful.

Precious and semi-precious stones, faceted and double-sided; colours and light, the recurring motifs of the designer’s jewellery, today take a rounded form, embraced by distinctive rose gold, to become Charms.

For colour you’re spoilt for choice; the fun comes when you combine them. Their beauty shines out individually, and explodes on the neckline when there’s more than one.
The joy of this collection lies in playing with several pendants, changing them to suit your look and multiplying them however you wish.

There are a total of 13, each with a singular characteristic.



Charms Parure

Charms become Parure: precious and semi-precious stones, faceted and double-faced, set in distinctive rose gold and created as delightful charms, now come together in earrings, necklaces and brand-new bracelets.

These truly unique items of jewellery include an extremely lightweight, youthful new design, the perfect match for various outfits, in all the colours of Maria Claudia Gioielli.

The necklace lengthens from 60 to 80 cm and falls below the neckline, precious stones and golden beads chasing each other in a colourful embrace.

The bracelet is a circlet of delight: with two or three stones or beads depending on personal taste, it colours the wrist with original flair.

The earrings feature the iconic Maria Claudia Gioielli gold bar, from which two exquisite little gems hang to catch the light.

Charms Parure is a collection that’s changing, in which clean lines, three-dimensional precious materials and the combination of rose gold and colour create a look that’s elegant and delicate yet confident, just like the women who choose it.


Charms Parure Maria Claudia Gioielli

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