Earrings: the perfect jewellery for a bride!

For her wedding day, every bride meticulously plans everything that will make the day special. In planning for the moment of the fateful “I do”, the most enjoyable part is choosing the outfit: the gown, the veil, the shoes, the hairdo, and – naturally – the jewellery.

The “something new” that the old saying states is required can be an item of jewellery, perhaps a pair of exquisite, elegant earrings. While the necklace, bracelet and ring are closely influenced by the style of the dress, earrings are linked to the hairstyle and the overall mood of the outfit, and are an essential accessory.

Maria Claudia Gioielli devotes all its style and wonderful design to the bride, creating a collection of new shapes and iconic pieces, jewellery guaranteed to be the unique detail on the big day.

The purest white mother-of-pearl and rose gold create the new cabochon stud with drop pendant, a new form added to the Pure White collection.Orecchino-goccia-pendente-e-madreperla-maria-claudia-gioielliA low neckline, an upswept hairstyle and a long neck can wear an iconic shape from the Pure White collection, such as the long drop-shaped earring whose 8 cm of cabochon display the beauty of white mother-of-pearl at its very best.















Pure White also includes the chestnut-shaped earring, an elegant, traditional style perfect for the more mature bride.orecchino-a-castagna-collezione-pure-white-maria-claudia-gioielli


Rock crystal, in all its luminous transparency, is the protagonist of three new earrings, different interpretations of the bride mood and emblematic of Maria Claudia Gioielli’s skill and creativity.
Charms Parure is the collection that takes these exquisite little gems and embroiders them with gold.

The earring with double cabochon in rock crystal and a bar in rose gold plays on the bride’s movement, a slow but constant vibration, similar to the feeling of the day.Charms-Parure-orecchino-con-barretta-a-lobo-con-doppio-cabochon-copertina-fb


There’s a brand-new style for the earring with a cabochon stud of rose gold with a pendant cabochon in rock crystal: the movement becomes highly noticeable as the precious stone becomes the reflection of joy.


Elegant and utterly unique is Movimenti Pietre, an earring with 5 cabochons that’s simply gorgeous.

Moonlight is the perfect combination of light and purity: a rock crystal pendant and a white mother-of-pearl stud come together in a single item in exquisite Maria Claudia Gioielli style.


Perle make the evergreen earring, the perfect item to give a bride, since – as jewellers say – they bring tears of silver and moonlight; in other words, tears of joy.


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New jewellery for Charms Parure Collection

Earrings: the perfect jewellery for a bride!


Charms become Parure

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