Maria Claudia Gioielli jewellery is wearing the colour of 2018: pink

Chic, sophisticated, sweet and full of energy: pink is a colour that has always enhanced femininity, from the boldest to the most delicate.

The pink mineral rhodonite becomes the basis of the new Sunset collection: its intense pink colour is toned down by superimposing mother-of-pearl. The whole thing is accented by the cutting of the third ingredient: rock crystal.


Collezione Sunset Maria Claudia Gioielli

These precious stones, layered and mounted in pink gold – the symbol of Maria Claudia Gioielli jewellery – are made triply gorgeous thanks to the combination of different shades and cutting which enhances not only the colour, but the piece itself.

A style choice that once again marks a trend, perfect craftsmanship at the hands of master jewellers and goldsmiths, a jewellery collection in which the designer’s iconic shapes wear a new colour: Sunset has everything it takes to go straight to a woman’s heart and become the ideal piece to wear with daytime outfits, or for the evening too.

Collezione Sunset Maria Claudia Gioielli


This autumn-winter 2017-2018 season, the world of fashion has also brought pink back to the catwalk as one of its starring colours.

Denim, deep blue and white matched with pink satisfy more delicate tastes; worn with black, these pieces add a chic, elegant touch. Combined with red, pink turns brazen but exceedingly cool.

Sunset brings pink to all the emblematic shapes of Maria Claudia Gioielli jewellery: earrings with long teardrops give the design its most extensive canvas, where it takes on difference nuances, from pale pink to deep lilac. The chestnut-shaped and pendant earrings are unmissable. Rings with 12 or 16 mm cabochons are the perfect way to play with colour combinations.

Collezione Eclissi e Sunset Maria Claudia Gioielli

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