I grew up in the fashion world next to my mum: like her cousins, she was a dressmaker and thanks to her I discovered precious fabrics and learned how to recognise perfection just using my hands; she introduced me to the secrets of elegance and style, instilling in me the sense of harmony and wholeness, combining and daring to match colours, encouraging me to search for quality materials.

I have always found colours fascinating, especially the most bright and luminous!

The search for colours and the desire to keep finding new ones, together with another passion that runs in the family, jewellery, led me to discover gemstones and to create jewels designed to complete and compliment women’s look.

I have always asked myself why there can’t be perfect-colour jewellery for every occasion, one that can be worn with a formal outfit at work, with a dress for a special occasion, during holidays, or simply in everyday life.

So I kept searching and found master craftsmen that combine gemstones with crystal obtaining special nuances that don’t exist in nature: for example, the emerald of the Emerald Green collection, obtained bringing together thin slices of green agate and rock crystal; or the surprising luminosity and brightness achieved combining white or grey mother-of-pearl with rock crystal, as featured in the Moonlight, High Line Pure White and High Line New Black collections.

I started experimenting all the possibilities I could think of and, little by little, I created my jewellery collections dedicated to colours.

I met master jewellers able to interpret the simplicity of my creations and with their skilful hands bring lightness to gold and enhance the colour of the gemstones.

I also experimented with semi-precious stones and their classic colours, such as purple amethyst, green prasiolite, lemmon quartz and sky blue topaz: manufacturing and faceting endows these stones with a special elegance and a contemporary splendour.

This long experimentation period, from 1988 to 2000, led to the creation of the Maria Claudia Gioielli jewellery line with the collections you already know and those you have yet to discover, as my curiosity and desire to keep searching have no limit.

I simply keep on looking for new unique and unusual materials; I never stop trying to understand their adaptability and their potential to surprise you with my creations, to express the passion I put into imagining and designing the jewellery I make for you.

A jewel is an object that brings emotion; “the jewel”, the perfect and unique jewel for each one of us represents the perfectioning of our aesthetic image, of our image as a whole, the expression of who we are. There is a “perfect” jewel for every woman, and she should search for it, recognise it and wear it.

Therefore, a woman who has a Maria Claudia Gioielli jewel has a duty: take care of it, keep it shiny and bright (cleaning it with a cloth and always putting it back in its box), because if properly taken care of, it’s forever!