Wear a must of elegance, black and white

Always appreciated for its vibrant tones, the Maria Claudia Gioielli collection is today influenced by what are considered ‘non-colours’: black and white.

Sensual and refined, black is more than a colour, it is an expression of sought-after and original personality.

Bright and bewitching, white has always symbolized purity and elegance.

Maria Claudia Gioielli’s craft-forged jewellery encloses two precious gems, a mirror of the tones that have always inspired the great fashion houses.

The transparency of the rock crystal, knowingly worked and assembled on black onyx and white mother of pearl, absorbs the colour, makes it its own and flaunts it.

The contrast between the brightness of pink gold and these magical stones gives the rings, splendid drop earrings and fastenings simplicity and nobility at once


Worn together, the pink gold rings and their respective High Line collection black and white cabochons synthesize the thought of the great Coco Chanel: ‘Black and white are absolute and of extreme elegance’.

Precious and exclusive, the craft creations of Maria Claudia Gioielli are for chic, modern women who are protagonists of their time and femininity.



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