At the centre of every Maria Claudia Gioielli collection is the colour of a precious stone, the element that creates the magic, enclosed in an exquisite and exclusive item of jewellery.

Stones are at the centre of the work and the style; the creative driver of a designer who has made colour her distinctive trait.

The entire range of stones – from the rarest to the most precious – are the designer’s canvas and paintbrush, the basic elements which are skilfully cut by master craftsmen to give every surface depth and life. Maria Claudia entrusts her distinctive style to Italian experience and craftsmanship: the choice of raw materials, the cutting and composition are done under the watchful eye of expert gemmologists and skilled Italian artisans, working closely with the designer. Thanks to this collaboration, all the depth and intensity of colour can be achieved in a thickness of just 6 millimetres, bringing jewellery to new heights of elegance.

Doubling up the stones – heightening a colour by pairing it with rock crystal – or backing with mother-of-pearl to add unexpected nuances, has led to the discovery of new and beautifully unique shades.

The Turquoise collection presents pastel blue in a pale hue only made possible by the juxtaposition of rock crystal and amazonite.

The pink mineral rhodonite becomes the basis of the new Sunset collection: its intense pink colour is toned down by superimposing mother-of-pearl. The whole thing is accented by the cutting of the third ingredient: rock crystal.

Pure White is the colour arising from the purity of mother-of-pearl, whose natural sheen is captured and amplified by rock crystal.

By combining the intense colour of green agate and the luminous quality of rock crystal, we created an extraordinary emerald green.
Astonishing shades are produced whenever the light falls on the items in the Emerald Green collection.

Sensual and sophisticated, black is more than a colour; it’s an expression of an elegant, original personality.
Eclissi is the collection that combines onyx with rock crystal to give even more depth to the ultimate non-colour.

Blue as the sheets of Sodalite, which join with rock crystal to create deep, dark, intense shades like Blue Soul.

Red is bold and outgoing, thanks to the Quarzo Rosso that gives the collection its name, combined with rock crystal.

New Black is a non-existent colour that’s difficult to reproduce, created by Maria Claudia Gioielli by combining grey mother-of-pearl – taken exclusively from the centre of the shell – and rock crystal.

Delicate and light as the sky blue created by a combination of sodalite, rock crystal and mother-of-pearl by Blue Soul Collection.

The yellow of Lemmon Quartz, whose luminosity, faceting and exquisite brilliance shine out. The designer plays with citrine quartz, showcasing it in two different shades: pure and transparent in Quartzo Lemmon, warmer and clearer in the version backed with rock crystal.

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