From the beginning to the present day, some jewels are timeless: the return of the Cameo

Craftsmanship, rose gold, uniqueness: these are the elements that distinguish the style of Maria Claudia Gioielli. After the Quarzo Rosso collection, based on a single colour, Maria Claudia goes back to her roots to launch the new Cameos Collection.


With her strong links to tradition and her love for the skilled work of master carvers, Maria Claudia breathes new life into Cameos, the exquisite little pieces that epitomise Italian craftsmanship.

A classic item of jewellery, timeless and always stylish, and a discreet adornment for any classy outfit.

Rose gold provides the settings for these exceptionally fine pieces, in which the master carver’s extraordinary skill creates tiny, delicate flowers and depicts emotions, beauty and elegance.

And so the art of carving cameos lives on, with the production of true works of art on a miniature scale, thanks to the tradition still carried by Campania’s expert carvers.

The earrings of this collection are set in rose gold, showcased by the bar that supports the cameo, oval-shaped (4 cm diameter) or teardrop (3.5 cm).


The pendants are teardrop-shaped (3 cm) or oval (2 cm) and paired with a beaded necklace featuring small pearls that chase each other in a cheerful and aesthetically pleasing cycle.

The result is an elegant piece, considered old-fashioned by many, but made youthful and carefree, for a casual, modern look.


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